There is always a story behind...

Dosprimeras was born with the idea of ​​creating designs that exuded joy, naturalness and elegance. Creating unique and timeless jewelry that would accompany women in all their days.

Art, nature, crafts, people and the small details of life are some of the things that inspire us and help us create. 

We design each of our pieces in our workshop in Madrid and all of them are manufactured by artisans and goldsmiths in Spain who, with their hands and experience, turn those designs into something real. 

We bet on unique and quality designs. All our jewelry is made of brass and silver and plated in 24Kt gold, so that it can accompany you throughout your life. 

At Dosprimeras we put love in everything we do. From the first person to the last person involved in the process. Our passion and our desire to do things well are what have led us to the fact that today you are also reading this.

Welcome to our world Dosprimeras.

Thank you for being part of it.